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So what exactly happens when you fill out this form and click “Place Order”? First and foremost you are agreeing to purchase the items you have selected and entered your credit details for. Therefor allowing us to bill you for the purchase. You will immediately get 2 emails, one from the merchant service provider and one from us. Both will contain receipt information that you should keep for your records. If you ordered a product that is built with a subscription attached to it, by clicking “place order” button you are agreeing to be billed for and shipped the exact amount of product you purchased according to exactly how you set up your subscription. We’ve given you the flexibility to manage and choose the exact quantity of food you want shipped every month as well as the luxury to pick how frequently you want to be billed. To explain again, if you selected to get a quantity of one item to be billed every month, we will bill you for that one item on the first of the month and every month following until you either change or cancel your order. Unfortunately, because we are dealing with organic produce there are no returns.

Aside from the receipts that we send you automatically, because you are purchasing from us by submitting this form we will occasionally use your email address to send you awesome things like discount codes, coupons, new or current products we offer and information about events we are hosting or participating in. If for some horrible reason you find that you don’t want or need the email’s you are getting you can unsubscribe at any time. We have a no spam guarantee, we will only send you information on products or events that we feel are really useful to you. Your happiness is of the utmost importance to us.

When you submit your order you are allowing us to call you in regards to your order even if it’s a wireless number and even if you have that number signed up for any No Call registries. We keep your information secure and no third party will ever contact you or reach out to you because of your purchase with us.

We hope you find all of our products and services enjoyable and easy to use, if you have any questions feel free to contact us at /contact-us

Have a great day,

- The New Vegan Team

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The New Vegan was founded with the mission to bring good nutritional food to Delray Beach. We offer a 100% vegan menu, including dairy free, soy free, wheat & gluten free, and GMO free food. We also offer a burger mix, meal plans, and school lunches.

Browse our site, then come visit us in east Delray Beach just north of Atlantic. We have parking on the street in front of the building, and a parking lot next door, to the west.

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